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Headshot | Corporate Photo | Professional Portrait Photography Services HK

Professional Headshot photos enhance the brand image and enhance the confidence of customers.

  • Professional image photos are provided for professionals
  • Executives, personnel consultants, CEO senior executives, physicians, lawyers, university lecturers
  • Hair stylist, makeup artist, tattoo artist, manicurist, beautician
  • Yoga instructor, fitness instructor, dance teacher, cram school teacher
  • Musician, painter, Artist

>Photo usage

  • CV job seeker, job interview, job interview, resume photography, company annual report, poster promotion, company website, magazine visit, social media, LinkedIn profile, Facebook personal page, etc.

專業形象照 smart portrait icefire studiocvs

  • Service time: 30-mins
  • Unlimited number of shots
  • There is a guiding posture during the shooting process
  • Background color selection: black / white / gray
  • Basic photo retouching: light and dark, color, facial squat, thin face, slimming, thin arms, big eyes, average eye shape, face lightening, eye bags

*Like & Share facebook and good comment: Photo Print: 4R / 6 small CV phase, standard size (35mm x 45mm)

icefire studio professional portrait hong kong

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